🎖️Cadette 🎖️ Kaitlyn 🎖️Cadette 🎖️

My name is Kate and I have been a Girl Scout for 8 years. The thing I love about Girl Scouts is being able to meet new people while contributing to my community.

I also love helping my 2 sisters with their troop events. I like shopping with my mom and fishing with my dad.

I also cant wait for softball season this year. My goal this year is to sell 500 boxes of cookies to help pay for summer camp. If you're interested in a donation instead I have chosen to help Adopt a soldier this year!

Thank you for your purchases.

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🧁Brownie 🧁 Brianna 🧁Brownie 🧁

My name is Brianna,

I would love to go to summer camp this year with all of my friends, so I have to set my goal at 500 boxes. Its ok if I don't make my goal because I'm having fun at our cookie call center.

I love everything about girl scouts, I think my blood is green. I really love llamas.

Thank you

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🌼Daisy 🌼 Erin 🌼Daisy 🌼

Its my first year! I'm Erin. I am soooooooooo EXCITED!!!!!

WOW This is awesome.

I made a fire.

I got to hug a llama

I climbed rock walls

I pet a stingray!!! crazy right?



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In order to ensure the safety of our family, friends, and you during this cookie selling season, we three sisters have opted to extend our sales to an Online platform! If you would like to place an order or make a donation towards our efforts to Adopt a Soldier, please click one of the order links to be directed to the Digital Cookie website. If you would like to call our hotline directly to speak with one of the girls, please contact one of our parents to acquire the Hotline number. This is an added safety precaution to ensure that only trusted family and friends have access to our phone number.

What Can a Cookie Do?

The proceeds of our cookie sales allow us to receive Girl Rewards and Troop Funding, finance programs in STEM, the Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship, and also help to maintain the Camp Properties that we love to attend. Below are a few of the great actives that we have been able to participate in thanks to customers like you!